Modular Weighbridge Suppliers in India

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Modular Weighbridge Suppliers in India

Matrix Weighing Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most recognised Modular Weighbridge Suppliers in India. Modular weightbridges have arisen as areas of strength for colossal flexible reactions for specific weight assessments in various affiliations. Their modular plan and clear-level parts pursue a lean decision for affiliations that require solid weight data for their endeavours.


Meeting Industry Needs

Modular weighbridges fulfil the fundamental thing for exact weight assessment in affiliations like frameworks, transportation, mining, improvement, and waste coalition. These weighbridges should control colossal weight, making them ideal for genuinely taking a gander at trucks, holders, and mass materials. They ensure consistency with affirmed weight rules and add extra security and plentifulness to introduce day undertakings.


Standard Size & Capacity

Model No. Capacity (kg) Resolution (kg) Platform Size (in Meter) No. of Load Cells
MWB-30 30000 5 6.75 x 3, 7.5 x 3 4
MWB-40 40000 5 7.5 x 3, 9 x 3 4
MWB-50 50000 5 7.5 x 3, 9 x 3, 12 x 3, 15 x 3 4/6/8
MWB-60 60000 10 7.5 x 3, 9 x 3, 12 x 3, 15 x 3, 16 x 3 4/6/8
MWB-80 80000 10 9 x 3, 12 x 3, 15 x 3, 16 x 3, 18 x 3 6/8/10
MWB-100 100000 10 12 x 3, 15 x 3, 16 x 3, 18 x 3, 20 x 3 6/8/10

Specifications shown are subject to change as a result of continuous product improvement.


Benefits of Modular Weighbridges

Flexibility and Scalability

Modular weighbridges are made using pre-gathered portions that can be amiably collected and obliterated. This modular methodology considers versatility in size, attracting associations with re-attempting the weighbridge according to their specific necessities. In addition, modular weighbridges can be free or moved by changing obliging necessities.

Accurate Weight Measurement

With state-of-the-art load cell development and careful measuring programming, modular weighbridges offer exact weight assessments. This ensures trustworthy data for stock organization, freight assessments, and quality control, diminishing errors and restricting money-related setbacks.

Durability and Longevity

Modular weighbridges are attempted to persevere through profound use and ruthless environmental conditions. They are created using energetic materials, for instance, steel or concrete, making them impenetrable to utilization and wear. This strength ensures a longer future, lessening support costs and extending the benefit of the hypothesis.

Time and Cost Savings

The modular approach of these weighbridges considers a speedier foundation isolated from standard weighbridges. As they can be collected rapidly, affiliations can get a fair arrangement on foundation time and related costs. Likewise, modular weighbridges require less explanation status, further decreasing general costs.


Considering everything, modular weighbridges offer several benefits and find applications across various endeavours. Their flexibility, precision, strength, and cost plentifulness cause them a basic asset for affiliations that require clear weight assessment. Through modular weighbridges, affiliations can update basic cutoff points, further encourage formed activities, and smooth out their weighing processes. Put assets into modular weighbridges today and experience the advantages they bring to your business!


We are also manufacturing Digital Load CellPit Type Weighbridge.

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