Belt Weighing System

Belt Weighing System

Belt scales or weight o meter are accepted means of moving bulk materials in process industries. With the advent of this fast mode of transportation, accounting the quantity of material transferred assumes great importance. Since weight remains as the most reliable index of material accounting and can be measured directly and precisely, designers can offer accurate weighing systems to maintain higher accuracy and better accountability in the process. Belt weighers also known as belt weighing scales are equipments that measures the quantity of material that has been conveyed by a belt.


  • The system uses straingauge type precision loadcell which have negligible deflection hence higher accuracy is achieved.

  • Single idler with counter balancing arrangement for low belt loads having 2 loadcells and 4 loadcell platform type arrangement for high belt loads.

  • Two idlers are used (using 4 loadcells) for weighing hence high resolution with respect to dead load of the belt and idlers.

  • No mechanical levers are used to sense the belt load. Hence, no inaccuracy on that account.

  • Digital Proximity speed sensor designed to generate sufficient pulses even at very low belt speed.

  • High Speed ADC is used to have faster response.

  • Self diagnostic facilities.

  • Unique zero tracking software to compensate for varying “weight of the belt”.

  • MODBUS/ Profibus/ remote display – communication port available as an option.

  • Approved by weights & Measures.

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