Parallel Display

Parallel Display

Parallel, jumbo or extra display comes with big display in red LED characters which can be seen from long distance even in bright daylight.These easy-to-read displays mean that operators do not need to walk around the weighbridge for checking weight. The remote displays have a wide range of preinstalled programmes for different weighing applications and can display data in either tones or kilograms with the gross and net weight.

Salient Features

  • The remote display comes in 1-inch, 2-inch and 4-inch sizes

  • The big display and bright red LED characters provides greater visibility from long distance even in bright sunlight

  • It provides wide viewing angle for the user with higher resolution

  • It connects to Intelligent terminal through a serial cable

  • The mounting of display can be table top or wall mounted

Salient Features

  • Electronic Weighbridge

  • Automatic Weighbridge

  • Hopper & Silo Weighing System

  • Weighing Scales & Machines

  • Belt Weighing System

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