Table Top Weighing Scales

Table Top Weighing Scales

Table Top weighing scales today have become the smartest way to weight things in this digital era. Matrix Table Top Weighing Machines are light in weight and compact so that it can be even stored at the kitchen table for easy access and everyday usage. Another function besides the normal measuring of the table top scale is the piece counting function. This function allows the table top scale to determine the number of screws based on the weight of the screws, following you have entered weight of particular number of screws previously.

Salient Features

  • Bright and Clear 7 Digits Red LED

  • Auto Zero Tracking

  • Built In Battery Backup

  • High Precision load cell giving perfect accuracy

  • Best Internal and External Resolution

  • Advanced Micro-Controller based Design


  • Grocery stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Vegetables and fruits shops

  • Departmental stores and Malls

  • Dairy stores

  • Industrial purpose

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