Weigh Bridge CCTV Software

Weighbridge CCTV Software

System provides solution for vehicle photo capturing during weighment and save data on HDD also system provide photo viewer facility, so that we can view/check saved photos later on, system stores also store other details with photos like – Ticket no. / Date / Time / Entry Type (First/Second). so we easily find out vehicle photo of any particular Ticket no.

We integrate our Weighbridge CCTV
Software with accessories like

  • IP Based DVR with upto 4 Camera

  • Analog Camera

  • IP Camera with good snap resolution.

weigh bridge

Key Features

  • CCTV camera can be Integrated with software as per requirement

  • Unmanned Weighbridge Software

  • Vehicle positioning system with detection loops or photocells which automatically detect vehicles and transfer details of same to system.

  • Traffic lights signal for safe operation

We provide best customize solution along with weighbridge software like

  • CCTV camera Integration
  • RFID tag integration
  • Barrier Integration
  • Sound instruction integration
  • Barcode label Integration
  • Integrate with other software like SAP, Oracle and ERP.


  • Vehicle photo can be viewed for any error after weighment also
  • Eliminate chances of error which occur due fouls position of vehicle
  • Fast throughput for busy weighbridges
  • Fully integrated solution with back office systems like SAP, Oracle, ERP etc
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer with RFID TAG
  • Same radio card can is used by the driver for both weighments
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