MIT 1602 Display

Matrix Intelligent Terminal – 1602

Matrix Intelligent Terminal (MIT) is a state of art weighing terminal designed which can be used in every weighbridge application. MIT has unique features and can be used in every type of Analog as well as Digital load cells which makes it beyond comparison from any other weighing terminal in the market. MIT is a substitute of computer used for weighbridge applications to generate weighment, slip, reports, SQL data management & printing.

Salient Features

  • MIT-1602 is an all-in-one Intelligent Terminal which can be used for all types of Analogas well as Digital Load cells

  • On board memory to save 1 lakh records

  • Sturdy metal body with 16×2 LCD display & 1 inch 7 segment LED display

  • 7 field setting option

  • USB port for pen drive connectivity for backing up data in xls format

Technical Features

  • High speed 32-bit ARM processor
  • Sigma Delta 24bit ADC
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) on board with battery backed
  • Memory to store 1 lakh weighment records
  • SMPS power supply with high input range of 150V to 250V AC
  • Input line filter for EMI & RFI Suppressor for input
  • Transients Isolation of I/O s’ for high immunity from electrical noise
  • Load Cell Excitation 10V DC for digital load cell with current capability to drive up to 10 load cells
  • Load Cell Excitation 5V DC for Analog load cell with current capability to drive up to 10 load cells
  • USB port for Keyboard
  • USB port for Dot Matrix Printer & Pen drive
  • Centronics compatible 25-pin port for 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer
  • Isolated RS232 serial port for Computer/GSM Modem
  • Isolated Serial RS485 port for extra display

Software Features

  • Seven customized fields like Vehicle number, Commodity, Party name etc. can be set as per requirements
  • Codes can be generated & stored along with tare weight of vehicle for repeatedly used data, which helps in speeding up weighing operations
  • Operator prompting menu based, user-friendly operations
  • Reports like Date wise, Vehicle wise, Commodity wise, Party wise etc. can be generated, printed & exported (CSV file format) in USB Pen drive
  • Calibration reminder can be set with name of Inspector, Contact details & Verification Certificate number
  • Field settable pre-printed tickets, header, footer, signature lines
  • Simple process for weighment of Tare/ Gross vehicle weights
  • Facility to view/print earlier saved records
  • Multiple report option like All/RST wise/Date wise/Material wise/Party wise etc.
  • GSM Modem can be connected for SMS facility (Optional)
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