Platform Weighing Scales

Platform Weighing Scales

Matrix Weighing Systems is among the leading manufacturers of platform weighing machine & heavy-duty platform weighing scales. We manufacture platform scales using superior quality of raw materials, modern technology and advanced machinery which gives our customers great strength and high accuracy output for many years. Having In-House production facility gives us high edge perfection and performance over others and reliability to our customers.

Salient Features

  • Advanced Micro-Controller based Technology

  • Heavy SS/MS Structure according to Customer’s Preference

  • High Level of Strength

  • High Speed Sigma-Delta ADC

  • Auto Zero Tracking

  • Comes with Extra Display (Optional)


  • Industrial & Agricultural Purpose

  • Market yards

  • Warehouses & Godown

  • Logistics & Couriers

  • Paper & Textile Mills

  • Heavy Steel Industries

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