Load Cell for Weighbridge Manufacturers

Load Cell for Weighbridge Manufacturer

Load Cell for Weighbridge Manufacturers

Matrix Weighing Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reliable Load Cell for Weighbridge Manufacturers in Gujarat, India. We worked in 2007 with a specific vision to give the best and monetarily shrewd arrangements in genuinely examining the business.

Weighbridges expect a fundamental part in different affiliations, similar to methods, of creating, and collecting, where unequivocal weight assessment is essential. At the focal mark of a weighbridge structure lies the load cell, a fundamental part that enables definite weight affirmation. A load cell is a transducer that changes overwhelm or load into an electrical sign, taking into account careful weight assessment. It is probable the key unmistakable piece of a weighbridge framework, changing the power applied by a load into an electrical outcome that can be reviewed and interpreted.

The Function of Load Cells in Weighbridges

Load cells are unequivocally arranged under the weighbridge stage to help with estimating the load. As vehicles or articles drive onto the weighbridge, the load cells perceive and gauge the power applied by the weight. This evaluation is then unique over into an electrical sign connecting with the applied load, which is managed to give a careful weight assessment.

We make two types of Load Cells,

  • Digital Cell

    • Technical Parameter
      A/D Module Resolution 100000
      Data refresh frequency 50HZ
      Communication baud rate 9600BPS
      Total Error ±0.02%F.S
      Creep Error (30 min) ±0.02%F.S
      Temperature effect sensitivity ±0.02% F.S/10°c
      Temperature range -30~+70°c
      Zero balance ±0.1%F.S
      Safe overload 150%F.S
      Protection class IP68
      Recommended input voltage 9~12VDC
      Max input voltage 20VDC
      Max signal transmission distance voltage 1200m
  • Analog Load Cell

    • Specification
      Rated capacity: 5ton to 50ton Operating temperature range: -30 to +70°c
      Rated output:2.0±0.002mv/v Maximum safe overload 150% OF R.C
      Combined error:±0.03% F.S Ultimate safe overload;200% OF R.C
      Non-repeatability ±0.02% F.S Recommended Excitation 10 to 12V DC
      Non-linearity ±0.02% F.S Maximum Excitation 15V DC
      Hysteresis error: ±0.02% F.S Environment protection: IP68
      Zero balance: ±1% F.S Input impedance: 750±10Ω
      Creep error(30minutes): ±0.02% F.S Output impedance: 702±3Ω 703±5Ω(cable≥15m)
      Temperature effect on zero: ±0.02% F.S Insulation resistance at 50V DC: ≥ 5000MΩ
      Temperature effect on output: ±0.02% F.S Material: nickel-plated alloy steel;
      Compensated temperature range: -10 to +40°c Cable length: 5.2meter(5t); 8meter(10t); 10meter(15t);
      10/12meter(20t); 12/16meter(25t~50t), diameter 6mm


      • Capacity: 5t to 50t
      • Steel ball loading, strong restoration ability
      • Easy complete installation, high weighing accuracy
      • OIML C3 certificate
      • Alloy Steel

Importance of Load Cell Accuracy

Exact weight evaluation is principal in adventures that depend upon weighbridges for different purposes, including cargo the board, stock control, and consistency with real standards. Load Cells in Weighbridges guarantee the precision and endurance of weight evaluations, permitting relationships to go with informed choices thinking about definite information. Changed load cells give obvious and perceivable outcomes, diminishing slips up and confining cash-related misfortunes because of mixed-up weight appraisals.

Load Cells in Weighbridges the supporting of weighbridge structures, drawing in exact weight evaluation for different endeavours. By changing the power applied by a load into an electrical sign, load cells play a major part in guaranteeing cautious and reliable weight readings. Understanding the various types of load cells and their show factors assists relationship with picking the most fitting load cells for their weighbridge applications, over the long haul chipping away at valuable effectiveness and working with informed bearing.


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